Course Information

cadventure bim summer school

The BIM Summer School provides delegates with a comprehensive overview of the BIM process, with hands on technical software training in AECOsim Building Designer - the Bentley solution for BIM. Students will learn first-hand how to use AECOsim Building Designer or concept design, detailed design in 2D, intelligent 3D and how to produce relevant output and deliverables.

This 5 day course takes place at our specialist training suite in The Building Centre, London, starting at 9.30am each day. Throughout the week, you will gain a detailed understanding of BIM with practical examples, but you will also have the opportunity to meet industry experts who will provide valuable insight into their experiences of working in BIM.

Day One: 2D Drafting

On day one, you will learn about the AECOsim Building Designer interface and working in 2D. Learning specific skills such as setting up new drawings, selection techniques, modification and manipulation commands and shortcuts, you will soon be proficient in 2D drafting.

Day two: Managing 2D Files

The second day focuses on advanced 2D manipulation. You will learn about cell creation, colour fills and hatching, AccuDraw and AccuSnap, area calculations, reference files and text, leading to printing and managing data outputs.

Day Three: Conceptual 3D Design

On day three we move into the world of 3D design and address the areas to focus on within 3D concept creation. You will learn about 3D view control and displays, solid primitives and modelling extractions, surface modelling, managing ACS (Auxiliary Coordinate System), working with reference files, clipping planes and camera views.

Day Four: BIM Creation

Day four brings the full introduction of the BIM process, with a detailed overview of BIM within AECOsim Building Designer. You will learn about definitions including linear forms, free forms and smart solids, along with the creation of parts, compound parts and compound cells. We will cover the floor manager, working with spaces, placing and editing walls, slabs, doors and windows to finish with a full BIM model.

Day Five: Outputs and Deliverables from BIMM

The final day concentrates on converting your BIM into a functional and useable output. We will cover topics such as attaching information, extracting 2D working drawings, creating dynamic sections and schedules, COBie data, IFC and i-models. The course will finish by creating 3D PDFs, rendered views and printing 3D models to give you the final output skills for BIM.